Birthday of Tin Hau
23th day of the 3th lunar month

Celebrating the birthday of Tin Hau is considered a major deity, thousands of devotees offer their prayers and their gratitude for favors granted to seek her blessings for upcoming year.  This is a long tradition of Tin Hau worship in Lamma Island and that makes her an important symbol of indigenous culture.  Celebrations such as dragon dance performance and worshippers’ parade have drawn attention from tourists all over the world.

Dragon boat Festival
5th day of the 5th lunar month

Dragon boat festival also known as Tuen Ng Festival, is one of the most traditional festivals that associated with delicious treat and sport. “The festival is to commemorate a well-known Chinese poet named Qu Yuan who lived over 2000 years ago.” It is a big celebration in Lamma Island where many enjoy eating rice dumplings and watching the dragon boats race. These activities serve a belief in ways of preventing disease, evil, while promoting good health and prosperous fortune.

Mid-autumn Festival
15th day of the 8th lunar month

Mid-autumn Festival is an ancient Chinese traditional custom that goes back thousands of years and a symbol in a communal celebration of the annual harvest. “There are many tales about the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival, but one of the most well-known tales is based on the origin of mooncakes and the establishment of the Ming Dynasty in the 14th Century.” Most families will spend special time together to enjoy moon cakes and you may witness many making colorful lanterns to decorate for the beautiful beach at Lamma. One of the best shows to watch is the dragon dance, which is still popular in many villages.

Chinese New Year
1st day of the 1st lunar month

Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, people traditionally clean their houses thoroughly, and also display traditional New Year's decorations. During this time, business life came nearly to a stop. Home and family were the principal focuses. Chinese New Year is the perfect holiday to take your tour at Lamma Island, a place where you can explore with launching firecrackers, full of feasting and loads of traditional Chinese decorations from different families.