Hosting a wedding ceremony on the beach is definitely memorable, romantic and unique.   Throwing a wedding is a herculean task and any couple would be wise to hand off the heavy lifting to us.  From dietary arrangement, seating plan, lighting, wedding rundown to audio systems, you’ll have no problem saying your vows in front of the breathtaking sea at the Hung Shing Yeh Beach.  Your love story is one of a kind and we leave you nothing but precious memories and gratifications.

Private Party

Explore your way to our “Palm Tree Beachside Café” and experience every excitement of hosting your own private party. No matter the occasion, we have a space with the right ambience to suit your needs.  We offer a menu that is tailored to each group, especially enjoying your treat with a great sea view.  Karaoke, mahjong, card games or board games, you can find the best entertainment that fits your guests perfectly.

Team building Session

Concerto Inn offers spacious space for your company to enjoy a whole new team building experience.  We work business to business with clients who are enthusiastic, forward thinking, playing to win and accountable.  We provide indoor and outdoor areas to accommodate your activities with improving team members’ feelings and team interactions.  Meanwhile you can concentrate on your tasks’ performance, our team will help to take care all the setups, meals, snacks and living. 
It is our honor to work with different Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and giving us the opportunity to understand more in our current society.  We aim to offer weaken individuals by proposing them with a custom-made menu and a capacious area to accommodate with over 200 guests.  Our team is more than happy to assist with any of your requests as we strive to deliver an exceptional experience for every visitor.