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Fun Fun Kids Party

Let’s plan a special and memorable party for your little one, family and friends at the Palm Tree Beachside Café of Concerto Inn Lamma!

We provide a specially designed Menu with over 40 selections of healthy and yummy snacks and main dishes, so that guests can choose their favorite snacks and dishes according to the party theme.

Besides, to highlight your party with more FUN & MEMORABLE moment, we can provide Cotton Candy Machine, Popcorn Machine, Party Hats & Plates, Birthday Banner, and Homemade Cake & Dessert from Cake Temptations 

Additionally, you may also arrange some fun activities at Lamma Island and share the joy & happiness with your guests. You may arrange Art Jamming, African Drum, Herboland Visit, Herbal Soap Making, Cookie Making and Swimming!

Please feel free to fill in the Event Request Form and fax to us at 29820022 or email to

We assure you prompt and quality service to your request.